Bornholms Sportsfiskerforening is a union of volunteers.

Bornholms Sportsfiskerforening is an association open to all and based on voluntary labor.

We are all amateurs who burn our hobby in every way.

As a member, you join a community, we work for our common hobby and for the members' best, those who meet up and participants have an influence on the association and the direction we are moving.

We also have members who do not participate but help to support our work and make use of the offers we have as a member of the Bornholm Sports Fishing Association, which is also of great benefit to the association.

Bornholms Sportsfiskerforening consists exclusively of volunteers and there is no one who receives salary or otherwise paying for their work in the association.

It's hard to force someone to do something volunteer and that's why things are once they are, we are not professional.

Therefore, be aware that if we do not answer the same day as it is written or does not call back, it's because we are a union that does our work in our spare time.

As a member, you get a number of benefits, while at the same time supporting the work we do, the more members we are, the more we are dealing with and through which we also have more influence.

Yours sincerely.

Simon Rømer

Chairman of B.S.F.